Last Chance - The Mustang

Last Freestyle Performance Practice before the Mustang Million


Last Chance was adopted as part of the Mustang Million competition in 2013.  He was gathered in Salt Wells, Wyoming as a colt in 2009, gelded and then released back in the management area.  As a 4 year old, he was approaching one of his last chances to be offered for adoption before he was too old.  Clint Bailey had successfully adopted mustangs for the competitions in previous years and he had been talking to Rodney about maybe entering again and trying to put some tricks on the mustang to use if they made the Top 20 in the Freestyle Competition.  Rodney agreed and told him if he would adopt one that he would help him.  Clint went to the last adoption event in Fort Worth Texas on May 12th and picked out a small red roan gelding.  We all started discussing names and Last Chance stuck.

The challenge was to get this wild mustang broke to ride and ready to enter in a horse show on September 16th, so just over 120 days from the day he was adopted.  As soon as Clint got him going and broke to ride, he and Rodney started working on adding some tricks.  They came up with the idea that they wanted him to ride at liberty on top of the trailer, spin a circle, and sit on a couch - and teach him to do this and perform in front of a large crowd in less than 120 days.  Let's just say 2-a-days that summer took on a whole new meaning for us!  They would work with him early in the morning and then again in the evenings to try and beat the heat.  He was hauled to every local rodeo and arena event we could get him to in order to season him in a short time period to crowds and the unknown that inevitably always happens.


By the time Labor Day rolled around, we were excited about the progress and as Clint predicted early on, we knew this mustang was special.  We went into the competition in Fort Worth with great expectations.  Unfortunately, as a requirement in the first class, the rider had to dismount the horse, remove his bridle and put it back on, and pick up all four feet.  Last Chance did great but the rider unfortunately forgot to remove his bridle and put it back on before remounting so he was close to the bottom of the 180 in the class.  Clint worked hard and clawed his way back up in the next two rounds of competition.  Last Chance finished just outside of the Top 20 when all was said and done and was not a part of the Freestyle Competition.


His story does not end there though.  He came home to our ranch and we have used him for a little of everything.  He has been hauled to playdays, chuck wagon races, extreme cowboy races, ranch sorting competitions, and everything in between.  He has been used as a diving board in the pond, a trail horse, a barrel horse, an outrider rode him at the chuck wagon races, and anything else we needed to use him for.  He has also been my nieces main mount when she is with us and she will tell you he belongs to her! Last Chance is truly one incredible animal and his legacy will reach far beyond his original purpose of the Mustang Million!